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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

....Low flying

....Honorary phra grandpa junior novice monk.The deepest respects of his talent, but all these beyond doubt  sign – good bye, he enmerged rather than encouraged, “As leading into the field of imagination, too much of tendency”. By this endowed transition, solemnly his virtue of sanity by the split of cognizant which has not yet being able to reconstructed the urgent efforts. At the end of the vanishing point or the suicidal point / Who cares? The third attempts to appeals his reputation succeeded while the oscilloscope test shown its maximum computing current and that was nothing lesser than Montesquieu’s lavish petition of the verdict on history and government which destroyed by the reveal of his proclaim thought “Ye brothers take warning you all, far as you rise, that’s so much you fall”. Summer heat melt the humid down into fall, just about dawn had subsided goes after the moon over the sky, alas! You fall somewhere below, appreciate that, way down yonder and spin away like a timeline of movie’s clip. Won’t you discriminated against to phra grandpa junior novice Naen Khum who riding the private jet plane ? Yes!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Low flying high profile

List of things were especially well in keeping complicated life in hand. As a senior of Wat… a big Budhism Phra university in Bangkok, The honorably priest hood Phard 112, has his hands full catering to the needs of such honorable peiesthood as himself and the honorable grandpa…so he can phoning clients in Paris, London consist of booking appearances and arranging buddishsm’s tours. Nonetheless, private jet plane is the way to go, though there are ways to plan ahead effectively without getting struck on your reason for leaving. Chances are you will never looking back at the stuffs donated. Thoughts about honorable great grandpa Phra Phard….His life and effort began in his youth. In the form of doubts, even in those years his young manhood beneath the worldly pleasures and reflections concerning esteem of self, in another form of youthful inform where the quiries is intellegent to the essence of being the most confident of the sciences where the inquirer, it smouldering within himself, never for a moment has he ever thought of dying as present perfect tense, thse are lives that embered upon spirits of self-disgusting at life itself present their own weakness, physically and morally, hesitant at first year of priesthood’s maturity, flaming to full power in the spirit of God of natures. Like the great encyclopedical nerd and with understanding of human kind. With no lesser measure he created a new passioned and the souls releaving doctrinery the third degree self examination with more merciless perhaps than that of St. Augustine(354-430A.D.) father of Latin church, bishop in northern Africa, Roman missionary, the originator of this rare genre literary from dream to the practical realization updated unto cognizant. Him, the revolutionary the and.. The Archillis of human right, as he scrolled along like a tirless defender all for the love of scientific aptitude, he possessed the liking of low flying that jet plane for poetic mind “Still fall the rain”.  But this is a non material world we are dealing with him, upon him, gab of the ages.